About Us

We aren’t superheroes, but we do have an origin story. In the Summer of 2015, we created Nerdy Post, a subscription box that focused on hand drawn and illustrated quotes from treasured fandoms that often got overlooked by the mainstream fandom merch. We focused on hand lettering and illustrations rather than the overused fonts seen elsewhere. 
It wasn’t long before we decided that it wasn’t enough just to decorate our walls with fan art, we needed to be able to walk around wearing the things we love as well. And that’s when Nerdy Tees was born. It started off as a subscription as well, but in January of 2020 we ended the subscription to focus on expanding our design catalog.
We are a small, family run business, with two young daughters who love to help whenever they can. All of our shirts are printed and packed in-house. We're obsessed with bringing unique ideas and designs to life. Everything we do is rooted in our genuine love for the fandoms and nerdy culture we represent.